Scenes From Rabun County
                                                              photographs courtesy of Scott Poss

Welcome to the Rabun County Neighborhood Watch Program


A Neighborhood Watch consists of people who live in a local community who band together to work toward a common cause of reducing community crime and providing assistance to each other in an emergency. Participants know what normal activities are going on in their neighborhood and who to keep an eye out for suspicious goings-on. In addition, they are well aware of when and about what type of activity to report to the Sheriff’s Office. Participants can also receive training in crime prevention, child safety, first aid, and emergency preparedness.


Sheriff Frank Andrews

Sponsored by Sheriff Frank Andrews and the Rabun County Sheriff's Office and administered by the Sheriff's Auxiliary for the benefit of Rabun County residents.


Help make the place you live safer by organizing a Neighborhood  Watch Program. 


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Neighborhood Watch Signs are Now Available

The new Rabun Neighborhood Watch signs are now available. They are standard size, well made UV protected, reflective signs that will highlight the information that your neighborhood is under the Rabun County Sheriff's Office Neighborhood Watch program . The form for a sign request and submission is available on this web site. Signs are at cost of $25 each plus County installation and post material cost of $25 per sign.